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Trade in computer components + IT services (server storage, software development and maintenance)

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Our success directly depends on each employee. The staff of Caravan Trade is a close-knit team of like-minded people working in one direction to achieve a common goal. Employees are regularly trained in the retraining centers of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic equipment. Our clients are guaranteed polite and attentive attitude, high quality of service, absolute honesty in the selection of models that fully meet the needs of the consumer.

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Server Storage

Reliable data storage is a task that every business has to solve. But when the volume of information increases, the requirements for the reliability of data storage also grow. To organize the best work with information, it is worth turning to a storage system - a data storage system.

Software Development

Hiring a full-time team means that you have to start a long process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, etc.

You have nothing to worry about with us, we have all the development processes debugged, we achieve maximum efficiency. We sign the contract and start developing the software.

Software Maintenance

The use of software allows you to automate a wide variety of business processes in various fields of companies - from logistics, warehouse accounting, sales, customer relationships to budgeting and cost accounting. We offer not only the creation of programs to solve the problems of a particular enterprise, but also the support of software complexes.

We Create Trends For The World

Taking into account the uniqueness of your project, we adapt to the specifics of each client's business, and also bring advanced developments into internal processes, proven by the long-term experience of Caravan Trade.

Specialists working on your project regularly report on the progress of work. We keep in constant contact with customers and promptly resolve all issues that arise.

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  • Our Location: Harjumaa, Tallinn linn, Pärnu mnt 142, 11317, Estonia
  • Reg. No: 14230887
  • VAT: EE102250347

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